Add new zone type between Red and Yellow

    • Add new zone type between Red and Yellow


      There are many players who do not enjoy much the pvp aspect of the game, especially when you are forced to be zerged with 10vs1. The game however force all these players to play in a harsh environment. So I was thinking it would be nice to have "soft" red zones with pvp enabled.
      • Killer gets full fame, victim dies and goes back to city.
      • Victim gets 2x durability damage and drops an un-lootable by other players bag.
      • Victim can collect the bag in 1h. If not all contents go to nearest town in 1 month.
      • All xp and fame gains in this zone are adjusted to match risk/reward system.
      • To avoid scam of the system killing the same player more than once per game day does not reward any fame.
      This would minimize the penalty of dying players and also give some fun to new players who would like to gang but obviously cant.
      Also the game feels very populated. We really need more zones.

      This could be a yellow zone t6-t8.
      What are your thoughts?
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      Lohend wrote:

      Why not just make RZ inventory loot only? BZ full loot. Would spread load off blue and yellow zone for new players and more players would venture outside the safe zones.
      that's seems good. People would fight for the treasures collected from dungeons and resources from the enviroment and not for the equipment.

      I would add a max power cap (depending of the map tier) because you could go all T8.3 and kill everything just for the fame and items.

      With a power cap would be more fair for new players.
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      A problem is that there is nothing to do right now in blue/yellow zones. The fame and the drops are up to t5 that is too low to trade or do any crafting skill. There should be safer zones up to T7 I think.

      @SpeedVonY I totally dissagree with you. I find the trading/crafting aspect of the game way more attractive than the pvp one. Basically there is no fair pvp in this game ever. Numbers and money invested win every time. And no thats not crying. Its my opinion, if you dont like it go to another thread !
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      well I agree with one point of the new areas, is that with the issue of new zones being turned into yellow zone, there should be some kind of development of new areas to go to, being that half the map was made with lymhurst in mind anyway, there is no where to go, completely is that half the map is made with teir VII zones but none of them actually have solo dungeons spawn, and or blue dungeons, and arent really not hard to get around, I spend maybe two-four hours in red zones, so its extremely cramped. . . and I get from thetfort to lymhurst without any issue and spend maybe 10 mins doing so after i cut through cerulean city....lul

      the new black zone is nice though, I can spend time out in the black zone and never really get to the other side of the map....