Mount Carry Weight Decreased / Nerfed?

    • Mount Carry Weight Decreased / Nerfed?

      So i would like to ask this but i just noticed today that some of the "Carry Weight" for Transports mounts got Nerfed so hard like wtf? wildboar only Have 700 Carry weight now instead of 1400 k before ?

      Check this old patchnotes from "March 25 2020" for the mounts and compare it to the Carry weight now and you will see the big difference
      March 25, 2020 patch

      You now benefit from the Carry Weight Bonus from all mounts, excluding transport and battle mounts, just by equipping the mount. The bonus applies even if you are dismounted or move outside of the mount circle. This means players keep the load bonus while on foot, after getting dismounted, when entering a dungeon, etc. This new system scales with the mount's Item Power (hence the carry weight changes reflected below), and also adjusts the load progression over tiers.

      Affected Mounts:

      1. Mount
      2. Tier
      3. Carry Weight (old)
      4. Carry Weight (new)

      Giant Stag4466464
      Frost Ram6594748
      Riding Horse3156106
      Riding Horse4232188
      Riding Horse5268244
      Riding Horse6314310
      Riding Horse7374394
      Riding Horse8450494
      Spectral Bonehorse8.1436494
      Giant Horse7284310
      Wild Boar514781562
      Spectral Direboar725042406
      Swamp Dragon71126630
      Swamp Salamander5246390
      Avalonian Basilisk7358600
      Pest Lizard7376630

      Mount Abilities
      • Large Multishot (Ballista):
        • Cast Time: 1s → 0.6s
      • Leap (Frost Ram):
        • Cooldown: 30s → 15s
      • Beetle Buzz (Colossus Beetle):
        • Cast Time: 0.5s → 1s
        • Radius: 10m → 9m
      March 25 Patch

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    • There was a patch a week or two ago that changed how maximum carry weight is displayed. Before you hit the first movement penalty at 50% carry weight but it was changed to 100%, halving the displayed max weights but the actual amount you can carry stayed the same.
    • Take a look at recent patch notes. It is a visual change, they explicitly say that the amount you can carry has not been affected. The number displayed was referring to 200% carry capacity, not 100%.

      Now it refers to 100%, as it makes a lot more sense.
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