WTS Guild [Astro Empire] & Guild Island + Buildings

    • WTS Guild [Astro Empire] & Guild Island + Buildings


      Hello, I am selling the previous guild I lead before my friend group and I slowly got more inactive. They have all been inactive for months now, and I only returned the other day and am looking to get back into things. The guild is based in Martlock and is now empty save for myself, Libraaera. It is time to recoup my losses and move on, and what better way to move than to sell!

      Now to business...

      Included in the price is:

      Level 6/6 Guild Island3 x T3 Fletchers4 x T3 Imbuers3 x T3 Tinkerers3 x T3 Blacksmiths1 x T5 BlacksmithT6 GuildhallT6 Hunter's LodgeT6 Warrior's ForgeT6 Scholar's TowerT6 Saddler4 x T5 Houses

      T5 ToolmakerT6 SmelterT6 StonemasonT5 CarpenterT5 WeaverT5 TannerT5 AlchemistT5 ButcherT3 MillT5 Cook21 x T7 Stone

      *all quantities denoted in silver

      For a grand total of 47,462,000 silver

      All prices are calculated for the materials needed for construction of each building found on the official Albion Online wiki, and based on the average of the lower-quartile prices in Martlock Market as of 13:00 EST 5/19 and rounded to the nearest 10.

      The transaction itself will be done in one of two ways:

      The Slow Way: Where for each building half of the money it is worth is provided (e.g. 3,000,000 silver for the T6 Guildhall) , then the second half of the building's worth (3,000,000) is given after it has been claimed by the purchaser (you), all the way** for every building. The laborers can be traded through the in game system for the sum total of 630,000 silver. For giving ownership of the guild itself, I (Libraaera) ask that half of the installment of the island's worth (13,657,500 silver) be given to me (Libraaera) before ownership is transferred, then the remainder (13,657,500 silver) paid to me (Libraaera) after the transfer.

      The Fast Way: Where the purchaser (you) pays 50% of the total price, not including laborers (23,416,000 silver) up front, than I transfer ownership of each building to the purchaser (you)**. The laborers can be traded through the in game system for the sum total of 630,000 silver. After which, before ownership of the guild is transferred, 25% of the total price, not including laborers (11,708,500 silver) is given to me (Libraaera), then the remaining 25%, not including laborers (11,708,500 silver) is paid to me (Libraaera) after the transfer.

      **The transfer of ownership of each building will consist of me (Libraaera) removing my own ownership of the building, then the purchaser (you) "claiming" the building using the in-game mechanics. That is one full transfer of a building.

      Once the full transaction is complete, and all goods and currencies have been exchanged properly, that will conclude our business and I (Libraaera) will wish you a good day, and say as I always do, "Pleasure doing business with you."

      For the transaction itself, if there is someone you (the purchaser) would like to supervise, another player or (preferably) a moderator, I am absolutely open to it. I will not be shamed as a scammer and welcome any witness you (the purchaser) chose, so long as they have no ill-intentions.

      If you have any questions, concerns, or interests in the offer, please respond to this thread or PM/Mail me in game!

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