Older Player - Resistance was Futile

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    • Older Player - Resistance was Futile

      Hello All,

      I'd imagine the player base here tends to be on the younger side? Maybe I'm wrong, I'd be interested in hearing. I'm in my early 30s and surprisingly stumbled into this place on the off reference from an old friend from Eve Online. I was going through old emails from about two years ago and in some sort of jab, as his usual candor, he poked at me and said "I hear Albion likes carebears like you, might as well just give that a go." -- I never did.... At least not up until now! I have been very much enjoying myself with the gameplay, I immediately turned off pretty much all chat except for local and such. I learned that quick tip within just a few minutes of logging in ;)

      I have unlocked tier 4 for all gear, weaps and gathering and slowly starting to settle in. I'd like to explore Albion with some like minded and hopefully somewhat close in age people :) I have a feeling I'm in this one for the long haul if I can find a home.

      Health and Safety to you all!
    • New

      There are plenty of people here that are playing in their 30's and beyond. You might not be able to compete with the lightning fast reflexes of the younger crowd in the top end of Crystal League, but you can do just fine. I personally know of at least 3 people that are in their 60's that are playing and I've been told that there is someone out there in their 70's that was playing. That was from a reliable source but I can't confirm if they are still playing, because I can't remember who told me. (I've slept many times since then and maybe had a few drinks too. :P )

      Either way Welcome to the Insanity.
      Good luck and Good skill!
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