[19. May 2020] Queen Patch 12

    • So why wasnt hunterhood nerfed you have item that punishes players so hard for trying to you know play the game. You could try bringing a swap but you know they can purge your purge so thats smart. Could bring fiend but lose out on alot of other options if you do. You get punished by being able to deal more damage like why does it give them a res pot and 100% reflect it makes no sense at least have it be like you know royal sandals or demon that reduce the players res but gives them the reflect because at least it requires them to play it with less aggression knowing if you dont have a purge they all most auto win every battle even more so if they are double normal bow who ranges you off and can walk into any skill shots to just merk you.
    • SpicyPepper wrote:

      Ravenar wrote:

      That hood has been crazy OP since Beta and has never been touched as far as I know...
      Since beta my ass, hunter hood didn't have retaliate during beta. Retaliate didn't even exist back then. During beta hunter hood has "bear trap" (the one currently in skinner cap) as its unique skill.
      I joined in Beta 2. It is still beta? I think Hunter Hood had already Retaliate by then.
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