Constantly getting my nodes nicked while gathering, seeking advice

    • Constantly getting my nodes nicked while gathering, seeking advice

      New player here. Im trying to level up my Quarrier skill at a Rock Outcrop but at times it's really hard to get anything done. Those times are when 2-3 players who can gather SUPERFAST in that area. They gather so fast that they don't have to worry about mobs interupting their gathering, they can just carry on. Being a new player in such a situation is very frustrating as you yourself have to kill some mobs to reach the nodes and as you are fighting one of these superfast gatherers comes along and quickly gather (in my case stone) all the stone in that little area where Im fighting a mob. OR they come along when Im already halfway through gathering from a node and nick the stone from the node Im gathering from.

      When 2-3 of those players are in a Rock Outcrop I might as well go do something else. This means alot of downtime and (atleast for me) leads to alot of frustration. I came here to vent a little because I think it's stupid but also to ask if it's "viable" (in terms of leveling your gathering skill or would that take too long time, not being worth it) riding out in the open world hoping to come across some random nodes?

      Sorry for bad English

    • I think a lot of us can run into these issues with the limited resources available. The most upsetting thing is when another player harvests on a node that you're harvesting, had that happen plenty of times. That's either 1) They lagged and truly didn't see you there or 2) They're a jerk.

      When you say riding out into the open world I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are you talking about the Outlands / Black Zone area? If you're gathering at least Tier 4, Travertine then I'd say it'd be worth it. Just be ready to lose what you're carrying on you...but it would be a good way of leveling your gathering skills.

      If you mean roaming the different maps of the Royal Continent then I highly recommend this approach. Also the developers have been talking about adding Gathering dungeons, dungeons that contain resources to not yet but in the future maybe that is another opportunity for gathering. My advice is keep at it and get better hammers to harvest faster, you'll get there with some effort. And when you do get T6 / T7 / T8 hammers be considerate of other players, I try to be. I don't go after nodes if someone is on them.

      Good Fortune!
      - Drahkin
    • I had the same problem as you but gathering fiber. So i came up with "counter-mesure".

      I would leave 2 nodes full between me and the super fast gatherer and go to the next ones. Like this i had times to take the next ones without him interferring. I would leave again 2 others each time i thought he would close on me.
      So its something like this
      E = empty
      F = full

      Another tactic is taking an ox and putting the ox on one ressource (to hide it). Most of the time the guy would not notice. But stone is bigger than fiber. So i don't know if it works.

      And the best one, but you must have some free time, is to play when less player play.

      I'm the same as Drahkin, maybe because it's fresh in my head and that it annoy me when someone "Steal" the node i gather, now if i see someone gathering slower than me, i jut let him and do not interfer.
      I have my spots and times anyway, so losing a few nodes is not a big deal.
    • Forums are becoming flooded with people unhappy about empty gathering nodes or difficult in finding dungeons not being/already run. The common theme has been to many players sticking to the games beginner zones. You need to branch out in the world and you will find all kinds of available resources to gatherer and dungeons available to run if you step in black. The caveat is you can also die so you wear what you can afford to lose while you build up some income and learn the tricks of survival.

      Otherwise if you want to play safely in safe zones you certainly can but you will deal with the packed zone issues.

      With all that said there seems to be a giant amount of players who just want safety so SBI may need to consider expanding the Royals some for additional yellow/red zones.
    • Black Zone. There are way more zones, less players in most of them (people are apprehensive to go there, especially new players.)

      But for example, I ran like 8 solo dungeons out in a T7 black zone today. Didn't see a single person. Wore maybe... 70k worth of gear. One of those dungeons netted me 2.4 mil from a single drop. Probably hit 1.5m fame in that time, maybe more, made about 5mil silver. Then just ran home.

      I have also died numerous times out there, but I lose 50k-70k worth of gear when it happens. And anything I may have looted. I've died maybe 4 times in the last week out there? So I still came out with a ton of fame and profit.