Raid Leader

    • Raid Leader

      The suggestion is that just as we have a Team Leader represented with a different colour on the map (Blue dot) that it is possible for one Team Leader to activate an option that makes it identifiable for all teams in the Alliance (Black dot).

      Classifying it as a Raid Leader that all Alliance members can see on the map/mini-map.

      Of course, this would have a limit and its only possible to make ONE activation per Guild, regardless of the number of teams that each guild may have. This doesn't create an abuse in the system with hundreds of dots scattered on the map, as only one per guild would be available.

      In this way, all Alliance teams were able to identify the position of their Raid Leader and follow communications more securely and It would be an improvement in ZvZ strategies.
    • Very nice idea !
      In ZvZ there is always a party that struggles a little bit to follow the gild/alliance shotcaller.
      I believe that overall it will improve the quality of the battles, the experience for the players (specially new ones) and give importance to gild/alliance leaders or shotcallers ! ;]