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      This is the tale of the disapearence of the poncho fortune and the startling truth od the stepping stone the medium sized BZ guild become for the top guilds

      hrrm hrrm...


      @Derrick sifts through some papers as a hooded figure slips into his Scottish Highland Barn

      "TOOK YE LONG ERNOURF, ya got tha money!?"

      The figure pauses and then slowly lifts his hood revealing the PONCHO GM @MstrFister "Yessir is 300million enough?"

      Derrkik rawrs in laughter, his parrot falling from his shoulder (as the OP forgets his character and turns him into a pirate). "Not. Even. Close. Pleb." fisters eyes dart around desperately trying to think of some way too increase the value of his puny gift... "200 mill of it came from the CLS tho"derrick pauses lowering his sword from fisters back as he wobbled on the plank of his Scottish inspired Viking longship "CLS u say.... as in @Stormlord ?"

      fister despretly shakes his head in affirmation.

      derrik smiled "finally got tha fucker!" he turns too @GluttonySDS who was throwing up over the side (incredibly confused as too why he is in this story)"here that you dumb f*ck!? fister cleared out the CLS before you shitters could" Glutt's eyes widen and he hisses in rage and flies away like a overweight pelican to scream at his bitch ass hive for not moving fast enough.

      Fister is confused and nervously asks (banking on derriks good mood and the fact he turned up in the right gear today)

      "this added value too the tribute?"

      "Oh my little sex pistol" derrik enthused chortling into his thick blue beard. " Storm is one of the gods of albion, undefeatable, imutable, chaos incarnate. All of us outlanders fight daily to keep to city of Caerleon from his grasp FOR if ever his held the throne the chaos he would throw into the outlands would tears the very fabric of time and space and bring filthy balance too albion!"

      "AHAHAH, But now we have kept the city from him and weakened his position. right you and your bitch bois are in.

      our beautiful little pig trough is safe for now..."

      something something and a bottle of rum.

      8) Scene. 8)