How about you honor referrals?

    • How about you honor referrals?

      I got a friend into the game and he bought premium. Then they give us some bullcrap about I had to give him a referral link to download the game in the first place and then he has to buy premium. The real kicker is they said even if that happened they wouldn't honor it now because too much time has passed (he's been playing a week and bought premium a couple days ago when he figured he would stick to playing the game)

      trash dev team... I mean, its a damn referral bonus.. just fork it over... they are really being jerks and refusing it. Amazing...
    • I understand your confusion. However, the bonus is for people who follow directions. It's the minimum requirement.

      They should put that right across the top though

      MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: Follow Directions
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    • Hey, there,

      It's a bummer, ye, but it's very clearly stated on Albion Online website how the program works, you can check and see the FAQ here :

      As I mentioned, it follows:

      "How can I refer friends?

      Very easily. Just send them your referral link which you can find at Note that you must have an account and be logged into the website to view your personalized referral page.
      If your friends sign up after clicking your link, you will be registered as their referrer and you will earn rewards when your friend buys 30 days or more of Premium status for the first time."