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      Will albion let us to remove island again? Normally we had chance to remove islands at the beginning of the season but the season started yesterday and i still dont have the "island removal" thing. I checked the news and announcements but couldnt find any article about this situation
    • PISIRIK wrote:

      Will albion let us to remove island again?
      Removing your island is always possible - I assume you mean moving the island instead.

      The island move option is not related to seasons, it was only made available in the past whenever major changes to the world had been made:
      • Queen update completely revamped Outlands, a free island move was therefore available between January 20 - February 20 2020
      • When the game became Free To Play, Outlands have been expanded and an island move was available between April 10 - May 10 2019

      These were the only two instances where the island move was made possible, so this is not something that happens seasonally. Transportation and local markets play a massive part in Albion's economy after all, and being able to freely move items from city to city would defeat this purpose.

      Regardless, even though the island move option is not currently available, it doesn't mean that you cannot move your island - all it takes is some time. You can demolish the buildings on your island and receive 90% of resources used to build them back. Then transport those resources to a different city (or you can opt for the safer option and sell them at your current location and buy resources from your new city). You can then abandon your island and buy the new island - note that the level of the island will be retained, you will only need to make the initial level 1 island purchase at the new city. Once you have the materials and the new island, all that is left is to rebuild your buildings.