First impressions

    • First impressions

      Good Morning/Afternoon all,

      I'm a new player in this game, I read a lot about Albion Mid-End game, and that all the fun is in the Black Zone and guild controled territories, but let me tell you that the start of the game is fun also.

      I have less than 100 hours of gameplay, i'm what you can consider a noob and yet I have so much fun. And not a single PVP happened yet. I didn't venture in red/black zones yet.
      I saw some on yellow zone, tho i don't really understand the goalhere. Takin 10% of the ressources, imo it's not worth it.

      But let me tell you one thing... this game is freaking AWSOME.
      When they tell you "You are what you wear" it have never been so true.

      I searched many years for a MMO like this, and here am I, finally today, here. No quest, no stories that nobody care because it's always the same thing about the good vs the evil, when some obscur NPC wants to control the world and you are the hero (like the 10millions other players) and you alone can save the world. The chosen one. Blablabla.

      Here you just enjoy to the fullest. You can do almost anything you want. And that's awsome.
      Sure, they are some bad points ( in gathering for ex, or from what i read the constant ganking in red/black zone but i cant talk about the later as i didn't experience it yet), like in any other game, but nothing can be perfect from the start.

      What I love about this game:

      - Gathering ressources and using them .
      • - The free market (no system base price) . This is just super awsome.
      Sometimes i see raw ressources at 40 and her crafted item at 10 . You are like "wtf is happening" and then you analyse the market and understand what is buy/sell order and it's just awsome.

      • - Crafting. You can do anything. All by and for the players
      • - Many choices of weapons. Some are super fun to play.
      • - Islands seem fun. I tried a bit like carrot growing, baby chicken etc... You need premium but 12-13 euros per month is ok and in the norm of all the other mmo. And you can also buy it with silver/gold if you can have enough. (This is the first time i see this in a mmo. Paying for premium without real money)

      • - I'm looking forward to red/black zones and other content.
      - I love how you learn from your mistakes. Some small ones. Like "Im gonna go light today to make some dunjon, and idont take my sickle go on my fast mount and on the way i see a 4.3 ressource that i could have taken . To bigger mistakes like making you lose 1 million in 15 min haha. This game is full of surprise. I love it. ( I do not like to read about infos online and like to discover things by myself unless im really stuck. )

      I know some will tell "it's useless" but i unlocked the Jack of all trades achievement (when you unlock everything on tier 4 on the destiny board) , and it was pretty much fun to do it, at least i get a bit of an idea of everything. At first i didn't want to do it, it was by pure coincidence.

      And i can still specialize in what i want.
      So many possibilities. I love it.

      All in all, very good game. I'm looking for later content, but i take it slow and have fun with what im doing right now (market, craft, ressources. )

      Thanks for reading, and see you in game. :D

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