Frustrated axe user seeks asylum

    • Frustrated axe user seeks asylum

      Hi honorable Albion staff,

      I am incredibly sad with axes b/c of the amount of bugs due to bleeds not correctly working, heals not going off with battle axe in pvp (despite full stacks), and so forth.

      I'm 370/400 in the class and am begging you to please distribute fame credits to my account and zero out the tree for axes. It is physically and emotionally draining and I've developed tinnitus in my right ear because of how depressed i am that axes aren't working as stated. ;(

    • It' not just axes. Out of the 3 bruiser weapon lines being Spear, Axe and Swords. Sword outshines them both in all types of content or at least closely matches. The truth is that swords just feel better to play than any other weapon. The problem with melee in this game is that when you autoattack you stand, and when you stand against someone who is running away they will get ahead of you. Swords are naturally sticky because of Heroic Charges giving two stats that helps with its stickiness. You have movement speed buff that allows you to literally ignore the standtime of autoattacks and then you have attack speed buff which makes you dish attack faster so you can move sooner. Furthermore swords such as carving or dual swords also have a mobility tool which they can use to quickly close distance if their target is moving away or they don't have charges. That makes the extra difficult to run away from since they can always run ahead of you when you are running.

      Anyway, stick to axes for now. They are not the worst and you can definitely play and be successful with them. Also balance changes are coming and although not this patch, I think there will be significant changes made when corrupted dungeons come out.