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    • mediaboy's crafting spreadsheet

      What is this tool?

      Albion Online does not have a complicated economy, but it does have thousands of items which can be created by players. Each of these items offers opportunities for crafters to make a profit. One of the major complaints from all the new players in my newbie-friendly guild was that they had no idea what items to make, and that everything they made lost money. This spreadsheet is supposed to make it easy for people to see what to craft and where to craft it, and hopefully encourage more people to get into gathering, crafting and trading: all areas that I use to make money myself, and areas which I hope everyone else will also be able to use.

      Functionally, my spreadsheet is a glorified calculator. It chews through all the data from the Albion Online Data Project, and spits out the projected profits for every item in the game (disclaimer: WIP) , allowing you to focus on items that make you money. The README should explain how to use it, but if there are any questions, you can contact me using the details provided in the download, or by going to the Albion Online Economy Discord and asking in #mediaboy-spreadsheet.

      I hope you enjoy this (free!) tool, and that you find it useful.

      More Info:

      The tool is based on the Albion Online Data Project (ADP):

      ADP currently makes a significant loss and the people that run the server no longer play the game. If you want to see tools like this one - and all other 3rd party tools for Albion - survive, then you should do two things:

      1) Donate real-world money to the guys running it by using the donate button on their website. They have real-world costs which can't be removed, and without your help they will need to close the servers for their own financial stability.

      2) Install the ADP client found on their website, so that market prices can be kept up to date in more places, for more items, making sure that you have access to the latest information on everything you want to see.

      My spreadsheet also utilises jsons created by a guy named Rotab to minimise load on ADP's servers. He extracts all of their information, parses it to a json file, and I take this json and use it to provide information for each of the royal cities.

      You can contact them in the "Albion Online Fansites" discord.

      (1) Load the spreadsheet in an up-to-date version of Excel.
      (2) Press this button: Data > Refresh All
      (3) Check "Taxes". Change these taxes to the correct numbers.
      (4) Check "Variables". Select the towns that you are using for each crafting station. Select whether you are using Focus. Select where you are buying Materials.
      (4a) If using "Manual", check prices on "mats" and "relics". You need to input something here.
      (5) Enjoy!


      This is a link to my current spreadsheet version

      CURRENT VERSION: 0.5.2
      DATE OF VERSION: 31st May 2020

      Known Issue : solution

      1. "The prices are wrong" : petition SBI for a real API and I can fix this problem.
      2. "It doesn't work in my version of Excel" : the spreadsheet was made in Build 12730.20250. It should work in any version after 2016's updates. It won't work in any version before that due to features added to Excel after that point. Using a cracked version of Excel may cause problems, and I have no intention to fix those.
      3. "It doesn't work when I load it in Sheets" : this spreadsheet used to be a Google Sheets spreadsheet. It broke Sheets rather spectacularly and caused many issues. It is in Excel because Sheets didn't work long-term.
      4. "The sort function doesn't work" : this is a bizarre, multi-faceted issue which is due to issues with how Excel handles a number of functions. I am working on a solution. At present, please use use Filter rather than Sort.

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    • 0.5.2
      - "Margins" renamed to "Trade" to reduce confusion
      - Additional items added to "Trade" tab
      - "RRR?" Variable added: "City" = use the Resource Return Rate for specific city, "Max" = use the maximum posisble Resource Return Rate.
      - "Consumables" and "Consumables-calc" added to calculate crafting costs for all consumables (including avalonian foods)