Gathering skills question

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    • Gathering is a solid way of making money, I spent a couple hours a day for a month gathering and refining T6/7/8 and made over 200m silver.

      The higher the refining you get the better the return of resources, you really do see the cash roll in once you hit 50+ spec on refining. My advice, stick to a single gathering line and refine everything.
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    • I'm new also and i will answer at the best of my abilities:

      1) Is gathering really a waste of time?

      [/b]For me it's not a waste if you know where and how to gather. I can make 500k an hour at a tier 4 zone with the right gear, pork pie , and a premium account.

      2) How do you make gold in this game?

      You have the option to exchange silver to gold at the price of the "day" (its more like real time)
      Or you can just buy gold for real money also.

      1) What's the quickest gathering skill to level?

      2) What's the most profitable gathering skill?

      I'm not sure i follow those 2 questions. By skill you mean is it more profitable to level crops, wood, ore, stone or hide ?
      Then the answer is "it depends" i guess.
      If you are in a region with no or a few animals, then leveling the skinning (hide) skill will take you a lot of time.
      But if you are in a zone with a lot of animals then it will take less time obviously