CC cap Stun cap

    • CC cap Stun cap

      I’m sure this information is in some obvious place but I can’t find it. What is the mechanic for CC cap on say hammers. For instance, If I put a target to sleep with knockout, and then follow up with another knockout, the duration of the second sleep is tiny compared to its spec. This also translates into all of the stuns. I tried to put together a few mega-stun builds, and I’m running into this issue. There is clearly some sort of CC cap that takes over, but it’s sort of stupid that it’s not listed under any of the weapons descriptions etc.
    • I only know there are diminishing returns on the same form of CC, that's why CC builds use different kinds of it (silence, stun, roots, etc) to get full duration on it.. I however also find the lack of info annoying.. if anyone knows, I'd like to know more about skill damage boost cap mechanics..