Fire staff can easily be countered by hunter hood

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    • Just add possibility to interupt dots skils from casters becose if fire is with demon cape to its IK on deflect same if you put E from infernal staff or blazing is ultra IK and you have no chance avoid this ... compared to dager witch play hide and boost damage they have chance to chose we as firemage after enemy deflect can watch how we die special story from helgate when my colege screeming on me that its no playable against deflect thatwith fire so maybe remove fire from game becose it si no playable ? :D I have alredy all spec on 100 so I hope that fire stays but in this way if you write /suicide its same but not same story for double dager (witch you can IK just with hunter hood) becose they have freedom to die or not to die I dont understand why but very often they chose die :D but it is not case of FIREMAGES I hope :)
    • kheeta wrote:

      You just wanna be OP
      L2p and don’t give your E before enemy use his reflect your dmg without E is not rly bad
      I’m like mainly 1h dagger player is much much more vulnerable to retaliate because I do literally 0 dmg without my E
      But I don’t cry and learning how to outplay
      Try new builds, try new tactics etc
      actually dagger has an easier time of dealing with reflects than things like fire due to well, being different weapons.

      you realize that while you claim people can use abilities at a right time to do well and win, the person using the hood can do that too?

      its like people who use hunter hoods are all braindead and just gunna pop it so you can purge them right away and kill them.

      imagine skillful use of hunter hood to avoid having it purged and maximize its damage potential , vrs someone who can only put down high damage aoes with no means to cancel them.

      bait out the mage robes with other buffs, then when its gone pop hunter hood stand in fire, GG.
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    • I knew it was strong but didn't realize how strong until I tried it on my Nature dude. Sure it has a visual and a sound, but it's still hard to see when you have thorns up and Living armor up.... and yes, when I see someone lay down an aoe I scamper inside and pop hood.

      When I enter arena now I do a quick gear check on enemy team. If 2 or more Hunter hoods I put fire away and switch to curse.