Killboard bot for Discord

    • Killboard bot for Discord

      Albion Helper is a bot for server discords, which sends information about the battles of your guild in the game Albion Online

      Sends information about the death of your guildman with full information about his inventory and equipment and about the equipment of the attacker

      You can bind several guilds at once to view their PVP activity

      The bot sends information to a selected chat

      !guild - add a guild for tracking
      !player - add a player for tracking
      !guild_remove - remove the guild from the traced
      !player_remove - remove the player from the traced
      !party <id event> - show participants
      !alert - set channel as alert channel
      !alert_remove - remove alert channel

      You can connect the bot to your server using the link:…6&permissions=0&scope=bot
      Discord Help Server:

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