Game will only launch from Folder and when in game it logs me out

    • Game will only launch from Folder and when in game it logs me out

      The launcher is running just fine but when I click on "play" the Easy-AntiCheat window opens (just like normally)but then it says "No game executable entry was found in the catalogue. (Albion-Online.exe)" . after this kept occuring even after completly deleting the game (including all files) multiple times , I opened the game folder . From there i can atleast open albion . I log in like normal but when im ingame i get logged out without any error message (I return to the screen where you have to enter your email and password). I can immediatly log in again but I keep getting logged out . I can sometimes stay ingame for about 30 secs and sometimes only 5 secs . I would really appreciate help on this issue.
      thanks in advance
    • Hey there,

      if you get an Easy Anti-Cheat Error, you can go into the folder where you installed Albion Online and run the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, choose Albion Online and let it repair itself.

      You getting logged out of the game after a couple seconds when you start it from one of the .exe in the folder occurs when EAC doesn't start up with the game. Go into the launcher folder and start the AlbionLauncher.exe, or in the game folder, the launch_albion_online.exe. One starts the launcher, the other one the game including EAC.