Did the Devs forget about Arena?

    • Did the Devs forget about Arena?

      I am kind of new to this game (3 weeks) but as someone that doesnt have too much time to spent on the game, i realised Arena seems to be perfect for me. I keep my equip, it is a "fair" 5v5 and it is generally fun. And it is perfect for new players to test other weapons or builds in a safe but pvp enviroment. I see there are many problems with arena and i want to give my POV and how to (maybe) fix it.

      Here is a small buglist of things that happen during Arena/queue.
      1. The "Start" button is unclickable or doesnt show up at all, the game just tells you you didnt accept in time after about 15 secs.
      2. You seemingly are not queued at all when trying to queue resulting in waitingtimes > 1h if you are patient enough.
      3. When entering another zone the moment you get the "Arena ready" message, you cannot click it in the next screen telling you "You didnt accept in time".
      4. Charakter models can be completly gone when entering arena. Enemies having no clickable models is nice when trying to fight.
      5. Players equip is often dispayed incorrectly or not displayed at all. Maybe this happens when they switch gear at the start? I dont know

      And these are just the ones i found when playing Arena for about 20 games. But that is not all. There is a ton of stuff thats wrong with arena and seems to be root of the problem why almost nobody is playing it.
      First and foremost. Waiting times for arena are rough. On average it is about 15 mins of queue before you find a non bugged match and can actually join. This is the result of many factors.
      I never got this. It forces you to stay inside the city and not to gather in those 15 mins of waiting. This scares off many players. Why do nothing in the city for 15 mins? Thats not fun or anything, just annoying. And in my 20 matches i had about 10 players that were overloaded and made the match a 4v5. Not fun at all.

      2. Arena is financially bad/not worth
      If you account 15 mins of queue and about 15 mins of match time you get 20k silver , 3 arena sigil and some tomes in 30 mins. But only if you win, loser gets absolutely NOTHING, which is fine regarding the arena sigils but no silver for repair cost? No fame at all? Nothing? Many players do the maths and think " I can make more money gathering t3 for 15 mins." Why not give the whole team some fame when an enemy player dies? Or why not get 10k Silver when losing? At least give the losing team something, so maybe the queue will be more populated. I would suggest giving the winning team the sigils and about 40k ~ 50k silver and the enemy team 20k silver. Fame could be aquired for killing members of the enemy team. Maybe after some time, when players are hooked, you can decrease these rewards again, but right now arena is the most inefficient way to get any silver and this needs to be fixed to attract new players to arena.

      3. Teammaking doesnt work properly.
      Or i dont get the idea of queueing as a healer. I had 2 games where my team didnt have a healer and the enemies had 2 or 3. Maybe just a bug?

      4. How do gearstats work in Arena?
      I didnt get it by now. Is my equip ranked down to match the IP limit? That could be fine though in my opinion the system other games like GW2 have are much more inclusive and appealing to new players. If you play arena , your equip is set to a default max value for that piece of armor. For example everybody that joins a game would have their equip replaced with flat T8 for the time beeing inside the arena. Players woudnt have to save up money to buy arena equip, nobody would have to fear they are underequiped and everyone would know that you cannot get an advantage for beeing rich in the game.

      All in all i really enjoy arena very much but those minor details ruin it for me. And not just for me but for many people i have spoken to about this. Especially now when many new players hit the game, a safe enviroment can do the trick of keeping those players that dont like the hardcore pvp/equip part of the game. Cause the fighting system is damn fun!
      So guys did i mis anything? Is arena already changed on Beta servers maybe? Or did the devs ever talk about what their plans are for arena?
      If i forgot a bug or something that ruins arena for you feel free to add it in the comments.
      Ill get myself a coffee and hope to see an answer from the devs sometimes soon.
      And remember to stay safe in Albion!

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    • The devs didn't forget about it. It's just not in their interest to improve it and work on it in general because it's outside of the games vision. The game is a hardcore full loot pvp sandbox. Arena goes against everything what the game wants to be. It's only good for shitting on noobs or practicing small scale and you might get a small reward if you win.
    • thanks for the answer there because I had the same question. That having been said, they should either scrap the whole idea or make it actually work. I love the game so far and plan to continue playing but.... if I'm going to keep giving them money I expect things to work properly.. Especially in a game this far in.

      so... I guess, fix it or scrap it. cause it's really just a bloody mess as it stands.
    • I missed this post until today. Many of the things listed are issues I have wondered about. The most annoying of them all is how buggy the red enter button is when you try to click. I always figured the long wait times can be mitigated by doing some gathering or fishing. You have to be very careful though because many times it will boot you from queue if you do something it doesn't like. eg when fishing, don't hit accept to enter arena. You have to step away from the fishing to cancel ...then you can hit enter arena.

      I don't buy the argument that the reason arena is neglected is because SBI wants you in the BZ. The resource investment would be small to spice up the arena and maybe keep more paying customers that don't have an interest in the BZ. Some players never go to the BZ and instead like playing the market, crafting, refining, farming, market speculation, black market etc etc. SBI is fine with that play style. Why wouldn't they be fine if some of their customers prefer playing in the arena?
    • DildoSwaggings wrote:

      SHARKY wrote:

      I played 3 matches yesterday. Each one took less than a minute of queuing and no dropped queues at all. Maybe I just got lucky.
      I was cleaning my bank and as I normally do I queue for arenas. I queued with a friend at 18:30 utc, we stayed in queue for 36 minutes, nothing. We dropped queue, invited healer friend, instant game :D
      I really did get lucky then!