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    • Bloodletter

      is this correct, I am a new player but the Bloodletter being what I think as a alright choice in solo play being the weakest weapon possible, with the buffs to the dagger tree being increase of auto-attack speed, using my dagger pair I can hit for almost 40 damage an attack with a speed of 2 attacks every second, but with the Bloodletter I see none of the damage in comparison, if I went through with assassin charges and used just say throwing blades I see my damage hit 50 for a basic attack, that is so small in comparison and the buffs to the dagger tree arent compared with the bloodletter, it is slow damage~ problem

      another problem to address with the weapon is the attack or final execute is absolute garbage, I can do maybe 600 damage with it using a teir 6 version of the weapon, but with my dagger pair I can get up to 1200 damage, just dropping in for the damage, but what is the point of dropping in for an attack nerfed by the skill set ~ Dash is nerf, assassin's cloak is like unlegitamate for ramping the damage as I could use the escape.

      so where is it??

      I love using the weapon but its garbage, the only thing i can do with it is escape, what do I do??

      I could use a mercenary cape with the weapon and poison skill from cloth helmet to try to get some survivability but thats garbage, and the damage is garbage so its garbage.
    • So don't use it... take the dagger pair and let purges and reflects laugh at you. Are you interested in pvp or pve? Also never mention auto-attacks when comparing weapons unless you are using bows or the 1h dagger (and only because of E).

      Bloodletter has mobility > anything else, also you can get an offhand for reduced cooldowns. Usually bloodletter is used with specter jacket to get the Jesus build going on (zvz) or diving.

      Also the E ability is AoE meaning you can insta-kill many mobs or players with 1 Dash, do that with dual-daggers...
    • okay so I will try that, but against an opponent who is stronger than you what do you do other than burn yourself and run away

      and ranged weapons are compensated for by their ability to be out of combat in a simplier fashion of running

      also it is short sighted to think that the dagger tree is good for clearing dungeons when the damage falls off if you dont equip yourself with an AoE, so the Bloodletter is gwarbage

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    • and with dash being like the only move worth using in the dagger tree for mobility the nerf is making the dump look like a retirement home for garbage

      it is not an arguement of what could the weapon do, I just want to validate that its garbage

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    • I mean.. i famed up daggers to 400 killing skeletons on stonetop sink, with no AOE q.

      And I'm not the only one.

      Now they have:
      - srdg
      - grdg
      - AOE q
      - Bloodletter that cut cd's

      People want a button to skip the grinding. And will not be happy even if they get that.

      EDIT in two weeks you will get also buffed chain slash... Other AOE on W
    • Gibba wrote:

      I mean.. i famed up daggers to 400 killing skeletons on stonetop sink, with no AOE q.

      And I'm not the only one.

      Now they have:
      - srdg
      - grdg
      - AOE q
      - Bloodletter that cut cd's

      People want a button to skip the grinding. And will not be happy even if they get that.

      EDIT in two weeks you will get also buffed chain slash... Other AOE on W
      and you want to say that validates its current standing because you killed 400 skeletons with youre bloodletter
    • I mean I famed up to 400/400, on the specialist tree of daggers(also known as 'maxing the Spec tree' ) , killing skeletons ('random wandering mobs' on open world t7 map) on Stonetop sink (that was the most crowded Hotspot for ganking/pvp) in the older Outlands.
      Every single mob gave 1026 fame,if I can remember correctly.

      You lasted alive maybe one hour, 2 if you were lucky.

      The hardened debole t4 cost was 40 k silver alone. So you lost about 60 k only for the weapon every time you died.

      As I told you, there was no q with AOE damage.

      And there was no Solo Randomized Dungeon or Group Randomized Dungeon. Only static solo and group dungeon.

      It's all clear now?
    • Also who in their right minds farms dungeons with ANY dagger... you must be mental to do that or like BDSM. Just get something to 100 general and then farm combat credit and add that to ANY weapon you like, don't farm with daggers... its insanely hard and you will get dived because you do a t6 in more than 5-7m.

      Use something else, clear dungeons and farm combat credit.
    • okay, I understand that but i would not avoid that the bloodletter never got any adjustments since the patch to the dagger tree and the main issue is just the fact that it does very little auto attack damage when it could be bumped to something higher for the attack speed not being as concentric as the rest of the tree
    • Bloodletter is one of the best weapons in the tree. It's E is an execute that can hit multiple targets and refreshes all of your cooldowns. It's also getting the new Chain Slash which will give it a built-in way to dodge heavy hitting Es while dealing lots of damage which will absolutely make it one of the best weapons in the entire game, as you can then focus your armor abilities on ways to get opponents down to below 40% health and execute them, meaning the opponent has effectively less HP than you. It's E also works as an escape if you don't feel you can get your opponent down low enough and need to disengage... something that people are constantly complaining about the Carving Sword for doing.

      In PVE, again, the E refreshes the cooldowns of ALL abilities, so it's an insanely effective SRD tool.
    • super good in pvp, and pvp is all that counts.

      Pve is just... there but has no relevance..

      And bloodletter, just reduces you effective health to -40%...

      It was never easier to get people on 40%..

      Some reflect, while some q then chain, and executed..

      No other weapon can do that..

      The only thing that comes close to a bloodletter is a carving..
    • Bloodletter is one of the few items with whom you can run every content of the game at a good level.
      It's not my opinion, go check meta builds based on game data and you will see it's played a lot because of how good it is.
      It looks like you are trying to run the wrong build, playing it wrong or getting smacked by people with much higher IP than you.
    • Dagger Q don’t need stand time fix
      It needs Cd fix
      That’s ridiculous to have 1s longer CD AND lower dmg compared to sword aoe Q (besides it has buff for move speed)
      That’s the longest CD Aoe Q-skill for now
      This change ones more time tries to transform dagger line into Run-line instead making it rly equal in fights

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    • the Q ability is actually kind of fine you get assassin stacks for the damage but when i actually use my axe spec or my sword spec the base damage for both weapons are extremely high, and my teir 5 daggers are doing nearing 500 damage from auto attacks. I dont imagine the issue being nearly close together