Add new text chat filter

    • Add new text chat filter

      Add an ability to see players in the process of flagging for PVP to chat filter.

      People utilize a system of going into dungeons, using chat filters such as damage, or silver pick up to "spot" a player beyond the screen. Then they flag up so by the time the hostile counter changes the players are already running into gank. Chat should not provide an unfair advantage to one side.

      You could also remove the ability to see other players silver drops/damage, etc. If not in a party/guild with them. Since I don't know that anyone uses this info outside of ganking purposes.
    • Utilizing chat is common feature for gank groups. If you plan to pve in pvp zones you should expect conflict. This isn’t your fairy tale excursion. Also you don’t understand the fundamentals of silver drops I doubt you have an accurate opinion on anything in this game

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