Android Issues - Possible fix *Updated*

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      Crozdog wrote:

      i give up now. im happy that they fix the game for mobile. but this? its too much i think we just need to wait or need to stop playing it. well what do we expect. the game is really for pc only thats why they dont focus enough for mobile gamers. they keep on adding things for pvp i mean what?. mobile problems cant compete those players have pc so whats the point on playing if we mobile players cant play some pvp and ganking because of the lag, keeps updating, and pc users. for me its really important to separate players on each platform. so unfair to play it. but i really appreciate it that they fix the mobile issues. but still not worth it. i just waste a ton of money just to play this game. they just keep on updating some item for pvp then what?. mobile cant do some pvp because its too unfair and so much lag for mobile users
      The mobile platform works great. It must be the phone you are using. The game is a large game and they have recommended specs that your device should have. If your device can handle this, I recommend you lower all settings to the lowest setting. Change your prefab quality to medium/high depending on if your device can handle. medium is my default. low for zvz. Change your resolution to the middle option. Turn off non-allied guild names, and set your FPS to 60. This should help you out. I am able to compete with no issue using a mobile device. The only issues I face that actually seperate the two platforms are the loading times. Most of the time it takes too long to load into a zone. Since the new updates, I have crashed a few more times than I usually do but on PC i face the same issues. Honestly it depends on your device as Albion is a big game with a lot of people. Upgrade your device and try again or try those settings out.
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      men the people is so stupid and dont know the diference between a phone in a phablet :v
      the people with a redmi 8 NOTE a phablet with android 9 sometimes 8 665 procesor run the game :v but with a pocophone f1 android 10 845 procesor cant run the pixi game cause i really dont know why maybe is to much tecnology i think for an old version code game
      is so funny see this guys with a 1500 dollars computer complaining about lag and some guys with a foking 250 dollars realme 6 run the game in ultra with out of lag :v
      understan noobs is not the phone is the game
      i even downgrade my pocophone to android 9 miui 10 and surprise i can play my game no freeze no blackscreen :v i supose is geniuos who working in the game
      "of course i update again my phone :v i no go to lose feautures and performance for play albion online :v"
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      AndroidAlbion wrote:

      Tenho problema ao mudar de região no jogo, ele simplesmente volta pro menu principal, e com excesso de jogadores na tela, seria bom adicionar um opção de quando você entra em um local de comércio possa diminuir o número de jogadores na tela, mais só nesses lugares mesmo.

      Noturno13 wrote:

      Estou tendo o mesmo problema, antes do jogo receber uma excelente atualização para celulares rodava com lag, mas rodava, agora fecha sozinho pra carregar o personagem, carregando mapas, iniciando novo jogo... Simplesmente impossível.
      Visitar os fortes então é sentença de morte, pois o jogo não tem a opção de não carregar a imagem dos outros jogadores....
      Espero que saia logo um patch que resolva isso.

      Especialmente antes que o RuneScape resolvam os problemas deles, que parecem ser bem mais simples.