Android Issues - Possible fix *Updated*

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    • well im really glad that theres no new apk and 743mb anymore. but i just got bored. cant pvp. cant see the skill. so much lag. still unplayable for mobile.

      problems need to fix

      1. cant see the skill and i cant dodge those arrow attacks especially on pvp

      2. so much lag on the cities phone still cant handle of the too much crowd. even on the other locations still lags

      3. i lag a lot on every hidden keep solo dungeon. is there anyone experiencing it too?

      the game is still unplayable. may i ask something?. are you really fixing about the lag?. are you working on making optimization for mobile gamers?. because what i see is mobile players cant do some pvp. what mobile players can do is gather and pve. but pve? still unplayable too. i have so much fun in the game this few day its very adictive. but because of lag issues and pvp pve issues well what can i expect still not optimize or something. did you guys hire some good and veterans programmer already just to fix your game?. i know its hard. but you guys should hear those mobile gamers problems too. well goodluck devs.
    • Memekgatal wrote:

      Im not lag playing on android , but if i move zone or open world map amd destiny board. , Always freeze and blackscreen , but sounds its played , idk how to fix that , i play on pocophone snapdragon 845
      can you see all the skill?. because i can see it sometime but sometimes not. especially on pvp like the lava below your feet and the arrow thing. so i really cant see what damage me alot. im playing on realme 3 i dont have this problem on my phone since i played this albion and a lot of players getting on its like lagging me to much i dont have a problem on getting stuck on changing zone what my problem is i got a spike of lag because sometime too many people pop up and something like a huge i cant explain on my screen but when there's no people my gameplay is ok. some phone cant handle the game that much that's why some fellow mobile gamers need some optimization for mobile
    • i hope they really can update and improve the game that can really change the mobile experience. and i cant wait that too happen. please fix it i really love the game mechanics but im really pissed off because of this issue. i hope you guys can fix it :(


      1. lag on some parts of the map especially the cities when crowded sometime it will kick me out of the game

      2. i have this problem on hidden keep solo dungeon. if im on the hidden keep i lag so much i keep on dying. but i dont know about the others if they experiencing it too

      3. i cant chat to my friends and search items on the market the keypad thing on mobile i think it doesnt support it if i was right. i can search and chat sometimes but not that long till i cant anymore.

      4. and about the all the skill thing. i cant see if i step on the lava under my feet and i cant see the arrows too. like i can see all the skills but a minute or so i cant see it anymore until im finished playing albion for the day
      :( i hope you can optimize it too because i lag a little bit if i can see all the skills.

      5. pvp and pve lag on doing some pvp. and about the pve cant see the skill mob use i can see the red circle. and that mob that spits really hard to defeat if i cant see where his poison thing on the floor

      this is all my issue. please devs fix this. we know its hard but we just love the game so much. i will share some of my other issue if i experience again something new. but this is my most problem on playing albion
      :( hope you guys can fix it. i really love the game but im really depressed because of this issue

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    • played almost 3hrs now i stop playing because of this lag on bridgewatch. cant even move i wait for almost 30minutes but i cant move im stuck. well please fix this. and please make server for mobile players for mobile gamers who wants some pvp like me. so annoying to play getting stuck everywhere especially in the cities. please give us mobile gamers hope that you can change our experience even more asap please. because we dont know if you guys really want us to enjoy the game its been 9 days since you release the game for mobile. please give us hope

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    • No puedo jugar. Mi personaje está en curlew fen. El juego se congela cuando carga la zona. Alguien más tiene este problema en zonas con bioma de pantano?


      I can not play. My character is in curlew fen. The game freezes when you load the zone. Does anyone else have this problem in areas with swamp biome?
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    • Don't beg anymore ppl :(. It seems that this update was simply useless.... I would've wanted a good optimisation and fix of the lag and freezing problems and a way to update this game fast rather than fully reworked ui and more crappy gameplay than BEFORE the ui update. Now I can't even play 5 minutes without freezing. When I approach any city I have a heavy lagg then freeze. Poor management of the android version. I may be an A-hole for saying all these, but I'm annoyed because I LOVE this game but can't play because there are so many problems with it!!!
    • Desarrolladores, el juego tiene muchos errores de conexión y fluidez para Android desde la última actualización!
      Lo que iba a ser de las actualizaciones más importantes para android termino por romper el juego! Arreglenlo, que muchos estamos esperando una apk definitiva hasta la próxima gran actualización importante!