Albion Online Beta Crashing Every Few Minutes

    • Just a a thought, have you guys tried playing on 4G, or anything other than WiFi?

      I used to get frequent disconnects on my iPad, and I tracked the issue down to WiFi. I have no idea why, but the game on my iPad just didn't like the Wifi or router. PC version was fine. I tried many fixes and in the end I had to resort to using my phones 4G as a hotspot. It cured the disconnects instantly. I changed routers a while ago, and iPad + Albion + Wifi is now fine.
    • Another iPhone Xs user here and can agree with the crashes.
      Again mainly in well populated areas even with resolution and graphical settings at their lowest. Pretty sure the iPhone Xs has 4gb ram so shouldn’t be an issue.

      Apparently iOS has a lower overall Ram usage compared to android devices. Don’t know how much of that is true but looking forward to seeing any new performance improvements from the Devs. Still sending in all the crash reports I can and where they happened/what I was doing.

      Keep up the good work!
    • ediwantsfood wrote:

      yea i’m also on iphone x and it crashes in dense areas like towns or areas near towns although crashes occur less in areas away from town like yellow red or black zones.

      edit: crashes also occur when i’ve been in a less dense area and i try to open the destiny board.
      Same here! The app crashes not just in dense areas. It occurs anytime but I noticed the app will crash for sure when I go from one portal to another, when I open the destiny board/map and when I queue for an arena battle and a group daily quest. It’s kinda weird but it is very rare for the app to crash inside dungeons or when I am already in an arena battle. I love the game! I would love it more if the devs could fix this issue very soon.
    • ImaDoki wrote:


      Sounds like Memory Leak or some other problem related to Memory.

      Did you guys test if you can still input commands on your character after it freezes?

      To test it, either use a second account on a PC to check or play with a friend and ask him to check.
      After it crashes, I can just log back in and play normally with my character, but with the constant fear of crashing anytime soon. The frequent crashing could be really annoying specially when I’m in a party and they have to invite me over and over again.

      By the way, my same account and character works perfectly well on a desktop PC meaning the app does not crash there. However, I only have limited time on the PC that’s why mostly I’m on my phone.