Arcane : Witchwork Staff E ability

    • Arcane : Witchwork Staff E ability

      i find the black hole ability is so interesting but at the same time its underpowered and doesnt reflect the true capacity of its name.
      i played dota2 for 5 years. in that game we have a character called Enigma with his ultimate ability which is to create a black hole on the ground sucking all nearby enemy unit into the center while chanelling it for 2.5 second. the point of this ability is to trap almost huge amount of enemy unit in a aoe where they cant really move out for a few second enough to buy time for ally to either finished them or flee safely.

      video link for reference:

      since the ability name is the same i thought the impact could be as good as enigma's black hole. but to me it just seems like smaller aoe air compressor from the mace skill tree.

      i strongly suggest u rework the ability so it can work well in pve or pvp fight. as for now its just an knockdown air compressor on an extra player that wouldn even fit in pve situation.
      u could change the skill from point target into channeling much like the locust void. so it creates a risk for the caster.
    • Does anything suck harder than a black hole? A black hole sucks so hard light cannot even escape. LIGHT. I guess that is SBI's reasoning for why the witchwork sucks so so hard.

      Wait I did more research, I apologize. I removed my ignorance as to how a Camlann can suck harder than a black hole.


      Who the hell is THE VENDETTA and how are they able to suck harder than a black bleeping hole? THE VENDETTA is what SBI came up with...

      Clearly I share in your passion for change. I made remarks on the recent emailed survey about the weapon in particular. If they would just increase the AoE, then people would start using it. Give arcane back it's baby.

      On a side note, the E does pair very well with the new Q released today. It has been a success in arena, and I wonder about if the E then Q wombo-combo would melt given AoE escalation (and the fact you have others assisting in the damage dealing category).
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