Launcher Resume Download Feedback (Update: 23.06.20, 13:46 UTC)

    • Espero que esta sea la solución que he estado durante todo el día y toda la noche tratando de actualizar, eliminar, volver a descargar y ahora intentaré esto y espero que sea la solución para esta mala actualización que causó muchos problemas a los clientes y jugadores. espero que no vuelva a suceder
    • Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your feedback regarding the launchers in the OP!

      Our devs have now deployed a new launcher to the live server which should be better for downloading future patches and resume download from where it stopped when the connection dropped.

      There is no need for you to do anything, as the launcher you have will automatically check for the new version and be updated accordingly.

      - Mytherceria & Dev Team

    • Hi,

      The last patch did not help me.

      What I did?:
      1. I uninstalled Albion by Control Panel
      2. I removed all Albion directories in my user profile
      3. I cleaned the system with CCleaner and Reg Organizer
      4. I restarted my system
      5. I downloaded latest launcher from Albion website (1 hour ago) and installed it
      6. After downloading about 434 MB I got an Error.

      Megabytes remaining | Time in Poland | Comments
      1640 MB - 18:33 h
      1553 MB - 18:37 h
      1515 MB - 18:40 h
      1465 MB - 18:43 h
      1430 MB - 18:45 h
      1394 MB - 18:48 h
      1375 MB - 18:49 h - (very slow downloading, 30Kbps)
      1354 MB - 18:51 h
      1336 MB - 18:54 h - (10-300 KBps)
      1308 MB - 18:57 h - (0-150KBps)
      1206 MB - 19:09 h

      Launcher logs in the attachment.
    • Dagother wrote:

      Hey @michal. did it entirely reset download for you when you got the error? You should be able to resume download from the last file that was downloaded successfully. When you get the server is offline error that's something different, might be unstable connection, I will DM you on forum.
      Progress of downloaded files has remained. However, the error occurs from time to time. I generally have a very stable Internet connection. Only with Albion does this problem occur.

      The game has been successfully updated and works.

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