Grizzly Bear Bug ( Passive not activating )

    • Grizzly Bear Bug ( Passive not activating )

      There's a bug wherein unmounting then mounting again while the passive of grizzly is on cooldown, The passive won't proc. when getting hit by mobs/players.

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      I added a link and i tried to replicate the bug i experienced.

      This unmount/mount bug on grizzly, it also applies to Mounts that has a passive like, Morgana raven and pest lizard. I tried it on these two but i didn't make a video yet.

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    • Amoebius76 wrote:

      Hey there,

      when the passive just activated and is still on cooldown, it will not activate again until the cooldown is over. But maybe I'm reading it wrong?^^
      This is what he meant:
      • Steps to reproduce:
      1. you get hit by something and your passive procs on the grizzly, so it goes on cooldown
      2. you then dismount from the grizzly while the passive is on cooldown
      3. you then mount up again, while the passive is still on cooldown
      4. now once the cooldown finishes on your passive, it will not proc unless you quickly demount and remount again. Which is not very convenient if you are being chased.

      • Result: the passive doesn't proc, so the grizzly doesn't go into sprint when taking damage
      • Expected result: the grizzly goes into sprint
      In this picture you see that i popped the passive and it is on cooldown. I then press A to dismount and sit back on the grizzly by clicking on it

      After remounting i wait for the cooldown to end, and then i get hit by a mob. As you can see, the passive cooldown is not there, but i am not sprinting either, all while taking damage from a mob. And there are only 2 options while taking damage on the grizzly. You are either sprinting, or the sprint is currently on cooldown and you cannot sprint. In this case it's neither, because the cooldown is over, and the sprint isn't happening.

      So yes, this is a real bug.

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