Rules - New Mobile UI and Gamepad (KeyMappers)

    • Rules - New Mobile UI and Gamepad (KeyMappers)

      First, I would like to say that I'm more than happy with the new UI for mobile.
      The team did an excellent job and it's a real pleasure to play, the best so far (IMHO).
      Congrats you all folks! clap clap clap

      Besides that, I would also like to say that by this improvement I'm keeping high hopes regarding how far we can go, hope we are moving towards some consoles (including Nintendo Switch? =D).

      IMO this kind of control probably wouldn't be the best option for big content, especially PvP ones...but it's one more way to keep the players stick to the game when they are tired but still one do some small things in the game!!

      Now, let's jump to the question.

      After such a huge and excellent update, I'm pretty sure that you guys expected people using KeyMappers to take advantage of this new control system to play the game using Gamepad on mobile.

      The question is, is it allowed? Can I use some KeyMappers app from the official store to map the gamepad to the keys in the game and play using it?

      I hope we can see official support soon, but until it allowed?