[6. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.1

    • The android version of the game is so broke. Now. Just lost all my TV gear because the game froze and I can still be killed after I have forcifuly closed the app.
      The game is freezing more regularly than every ten minutes. I run a Razer Phone 2.chdck the specs if you care so that's not the issue. Game was perfect before most recent update. Not very encouraging for new players when you get kicked every 10 and can lose all of your gear you've grinded for!
    • Bugado wrote:

      Thank you for the update but, unfortunately, two problems still happening
      1. Endless update when the game starts
      2. Screen freezing

      According the screenshot I took, I updated the game again and, when I tried to enter in "Hallowed Crypt", the game screen had frozen.

      Honestly this is frustrating but I really liked the game and I think these reports can contribute to Devs.

      Thank You

      Jeeez. I feel like I'm going to curse right now. Right after I updated the client 6 hours ago, then this happened again right after the maintenance. It's asking for another 743mb. CAN YOU FIX THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL?

      There are a few android users who are enjoying this game. I bet they are experiencing this but has no place to seek help. This is totally ridiculous. I understand it's a challenge being a developer as I'm also working in a similar situation but having the users download every maintenance is an inconvenience. You should listen to your users, you don't want to end up like Runescape.
    • TheMaster wrote:

      MiiShii wrote:

      yeah tried downloading client on the website again. it's still yesterday's version
      So how do we update the game?Those who know how, please tell us all.

      Crozdog wrote:

      please someone share the info for android users. do we still need to download again the game on website?.
      Unfortunately yes, you need to download it all again.
      Thank you,


      Ingame nickname: ReiBugado
    • Me descargue la versión REV 165722. Android. y tengo problemas para ingresar al juego. Se paraliza la carga cuando intento ingresar con mi personaje Tier 4 (Saidones) en Curlew Fen. Me he creado un nuevo personaje a modo prueba en highland cross (Racatur) y si carga y me deja ingresar al juego, pero se congeló al intentar ingresar al mapa. Debo comenzar de nuevo? Perderé todo mi avance con mi primer personaje, con el que tengo armadura y arma Tier 4.2, además de Fama y haber avanzado en mi árbol del destino? Solicito ayuda. No quiero perder mi avance en el juego, es decepcionante. .

      I downloaded version REV 165722. Android. and I am having trouble entering the game. Loading freezes when I try to enter my Tier 4 character (Saidones) in Curlew Fen. I have created a new character as a test in highland cross (Racatur) and if it loads and allows me to enter the game, but it froze when trying to enter the map. Should I start again? Will I lose all my progress with my first character, with whom I have Tier 4.2 armor and weapon, in addition to Fame and having advanced in my tree of destiny? I ask for help. I don't want to lose my progress in the game, it's disappointing.
    • suggestion for the game on android


      2. THE LAG. and getting KICK OUT OF THE GAME

      3. then after you guys FIX IT THEN YOU GUYS CAN DO THE UI OR ANYTHING

      my opinion

      you guys need TO STOP the DOWNLOAD and frkin DAILY UPDATE first. because it too USELESS i mean nothing really happen on your update. WE NEED TO PLAY THE GAME BECAUSE OF THE FAME BOOST AND WE CAN GATHER HIDE OR ANYTHING BECAUSE IF WE GATHER WE CAN STILL SELL IT ON THE MARKET AND IF THE MARKET IS STILL BROKEN WE SAVE IT FOR LATER did you get the POINT?. sorry devs if i hurt your feelings but fixing the ui thing first? like what? we cant even get in the game. goodluck devs fixing it