visual progression to weapons as you spec up

    • visual progression to weapons as you spec up


      Don't know if it has been discussed (a simple quick search of the forums brought nothing, but i digress)

      I've noticed (and appreciated) the subtle changes between tiers of weapons and gear in the game. Someone wearing full T8 looks a lot cooler than someone wearing T2. However, There is no visual improvement with specialization.

      Weapon (and other item) specialization or "spec" is imperative for all the PvP players that need that competitive edge.

      PvP (in general), and having 400/400 spec for any given weapon or armor typing is a huge epeen flex.

      What better way to flex that gigantic epeen with visual improvements as you spec up your weapons (or any gear)?

      I'm talking something simple, glowing effects, moving parts, etc, basically SOMETHING that players can visually distinguish that said player(s) have high spec.

      A different shade, or hue or glow could unlock as you reach 100/100 on each branch of that spec tree until you have something cool at 400/400 spec that really (strikes imposing fear) motivates all those around you, and shows them how much time and effort you have put into maxing out that particular part of your destiny board.

      I think other players could also use it strategically knowing to disengage if they are heavily outclassed, or maybe stay to fight if they themselves appear stronger.

      As with anything else vanity related, I don't think it unbalances the game, and it could even be an option in the settings to turn off if the user is afraid all the sparkles will overheat their system.

      Thoughts? idk, i think it could be cool...

      Note: I am aware that weapons glow when they are overcharged, which is a nice visualization and easily recognized, From an artistic standpoint, however, I do think an artist could come up with something cool that could co-exist with the overcharged gear look. Just run if you see a 400/400 guy/gal overcharged running at ya haha.