Filling Journal Bug

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    • Filling Journal Bug

      I think filling crafting laborers journal is bugged. I crafted 364 t5 beds and 92 t5 tables, each bed gives 4050 fame and 8100 fame for a table. So in total that's around 2.2mil fame total for what i just crafted. Now, a T5 tinker journal needs 2,400 fame in order to be filled so with 2.2mil craft fame i should have approximately ~920 filled journals however it only filled about 616 journals. please fix almost 300ish journals unfilled.
    • It isn't a bug. Bonus fame, such as from having premium, doesn't fill journals. Only the base amount of fame does. So you got 50% less journals than you expected, because 50% of the fame didn't go to filling them.
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