[Service] Merchants of the Mist - Public Hideouts & City Associate Rates - Your home away from home!

    • [Service] Merchants of the Mist - Public Hideouts & City Associate Rates - Your home away from home!

      Weary Traveler!

      It has been too long since you felt the warm comfort of a home!
      Why don't you stay a while and enjoy the amenities of this ~Oasis of Peace~.
      Right here, in on of our Public Hideouts - your home away from home.

      Fellow Crafter!

      Are the rates you are paying for crafting or refining too damn high?
      Do you wish you had associate access to a crafting station right where you need it?
      Message us and join the happy MotM customer ~family~ today!

      • You are reading about a chain of service stations, spread all over the world of Albion!
      • The Mists of Avalon Pitstop Management Co. Ltd. owns multiple service locations spread all over the world of Albion, with the ambition to expand our reach daily - to even better be able to serve you!
      • We are but a peaceful bunch of merchants and humble tradespeople.
      Public Hideout:
      • We currently own and operate a public hideout in Giandweald Woods, right outside NE of Merlyn's Rest.
      • You will find refining and crafting stations right there for your convenience!
      • Don't hesitate and take a trip to one of our wellness facilities - and YOU can live the happy live in the black zones with a SMILE <3 !
      Public Hideout Location:

      Public Access Associate Rates:
      • As part of our partner program, we offer various locations - spread all over the Royal Continent where - we operate crafting and refining stations!
      • Please read the information in the post below and then join our Discord and the #request-associate channel to be added to a building of your choice and enjoy associate rates today!!
      Current Locations:
      • Caerleon: all buildings, except for Saddler & Stonemason
      • Lymhurst: Warrior's Forge, Mage's Tower, Hunter's Lodge, Cook

      A Message from Management:
      • We are but humble merchants and hardworking folk who wish nobody harm and couldn't hurt a fly!
      • Sadly we have recently spotted various lingering individuas vandalizing some of our beautiful gardens and going so far as to throw GREEN ICECREAM at our staff !!
      • We strive for proper (handholding) NAPs with the various entities of Albion, but sadly if one of our staff members of the Merchants of the Mist is subject to an attack from your organization, we have no choice, but to ~blacklist~ you from our establishments!
      • But don't worry, we believe in second chances and as such we will gladly allow access again if you reimburse us for any "accidents", including a very reasonable 25% service surecharge.

      Bogul#6397 - Merchants of the Mist - Founder & Head of "Management"

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    • A Message from Management (continued)
      • below you will find the "unfortunate" list of "accidents" that occured and left us no choice but to ~blacklist~ you from our facilities
      • if you would like to remedy this unfortunate event, please contact management for payment instructions


      Bogul#6397 - Merchants of the Mist - Founder & Head of "Management"

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    • Information regarding requesting Associate Rate access in any of our Royal City stations:
      • Due to a hardcap of "entries", that can be added to a building (60) and an overwhelming flood of associate request messages, we have decided what we have to charge a fee for associate access.
      • This will filter out spam requests and allow us to further lower the actual associate rates, because we have a secondary source of income to pay for the monthly cost of feeding, defending and repairing a city plot.
      • The price to add a Character to one of our crafting or refining buildings is 1,000,000 Silver (1 Million).
      • The price to add a Guild or Alliance is higher, but negotiable depending on the amount of players
      • The associate rate access will then be guaranteed until the end of the current auction cycle (up to 30 days).
      • The associate rate price is due on the first Monday of any new auction cycle. This means it is a monthly fee.
      • However, there is a discount that applies:
        • depending on the weeks already passed in the current auction cycle there is a 25% discount per week
        • so for example if you apply to be added to one of our stations, with only two weeks left in the current auction cycle, your first month will be billed at 500,000 Silver (1mil minus 2 x 250k) ; going forward the regular price of 1mil / month will then apply
      • joining our discord and providing a point of contact will also be mandatory for all associates
      • if you would like to be added as an associate to any of our Royal City crafting stations, please join our Discord and fill out the Google Form linked in the #request-associate channel
      Information regarding how we calculate our Associate Rate fee's in our Royal City stations:
      • as part of our strategy to create win / win situations for both our customers and our food supplier network, we are calculating our Reward per 1000 Nutrition payouts generously, so it is attractive to feed the Merchants of the Mist plots, if you have a developed food crafting character
      • based off a current marketprice analysis, a fair silver per focus payout scheme and our win/win partnership strategy we are aiming to pay about a 10% - 20% markup over break-even food crafting cost levels to everyone who supplies our buildings with food
      • our hope is that by charging for associate access, but by having a competitive and likely higher payout for food delivery we can still compete in the very competitive city plot business
      • if you are interested in becoming an associate or regular food supplier, please join our Discord and get in touch with Management
      • Associate Rates are subject to change based on market fluctuations of ingredients

      Join our Discord Channel if you have further questions: discord.gg/juHpPBz
      Bogul#6397 - Merchants of the Mist - Founder & Head of "Management"

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    • nyanpower wrote:

      do u guys have crafting stations in fort sterling with t6 tool maker?
      Not yet. Maybe once the next auction cycle comes around though..

      sandstorm22 wrote:

      Very interested. I gather hides and flowers
      Flowers? :huh:

      Oh, fiber? :D

      Get in touch via Discord and fill out the Google Form there if you're interested in Hideout Associate Permissions!
      Bogul#6397 - Merchants of the Mist - Founder & Head of "Management"

    • We've recently completed our T7 buildings in Giantweald Woods and are looking for a few more interested residents!

      Anybody who isn't on the blacklist is welcome to apply for associate status!

      We're also renting houses for Guilds who might want a home away from home! 1mil Silver for a house with user rights.
      The same deal is open to individuals, if you want to privately control a house with 3x laborers of your choice in the blackzone, the price is 1mil / 30days!

      Hide laborers right in a hide-gathering zone? NEAT!

      Stormlord wrote:

      oh, really cool bogul and noted

      drop by and say hi :)

      maybe Caerleon Security can branch out and form up Meryln's Rest Neighbourhoodwatch?
      Bogul#6397 - Merchants of the Mist - Founder & Head of "Management"