Independent Leaderboards - Back by Popular Demand

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      April 2020 - The Return of the Inde Leaderboards ...

      Duyenduyen Takes the top slot in solo PvP whether ranked by by total kill fame, or fame balance - What a monster!

      ITameBears is the #1 Crystal league fighter by fame balance.Derrick is the #1 Crystal league fighter by total kill fame, and led his guild Final order to be ranked #1 by both fame balance and total kill fame.
      ValkyrieR is #1 by fame balance overall and when excluding Crystals, butBeast1k proves their beastliness by eacheiving the top kill fame overall, and when excluding Crystals... At 111mil kFame it's more an than 20mil over the next best.

      For guilds, but overall and excluding crystals:Best by fame balance? Crimson Imperium Reborn.
      Best by total kill fame? Blue Army.

      Should I talk about alliances? With most alliances broke apart to avoid disarray.... things turned a bit weird.

      Overall best by kill fame: GluttonySds leads [ARCH] to victory.
      Overall best by fame balance: (excuse me while I toot my own horn) [AGRO].
      Best alliance in crystal fame balance? [EWA] dominated.