Selling focus to high tier refining and food crafting

    • Selling focus to high tier refining and food crafting


      My current specs are as follow:

      - Fiber weaver: T4: 46 T5: 52 T6/T7/T8: 100

      - Ore Smelter: T4: 38 T5: 28 T6/T7/T8: 100

      - Wood Planer: T4: 32 T5: 32 T6/T7/T8: 100

      - Soup chef: 93
      - Salad chef: 92
      - Pie chef: 92
      - Omellete chef: 100
      - Stew chef: 100
      - Sandwich chef: 96
      - Butcher/Ingredient chef: 86/26

      If you (individually, for profit or personal use, or for the guild) need refining/crafting any of these with focus, ill be available to do it daily/every 3 days (10.000 focus per day).

      Ill be responsible only for the refining/crafting with focus, in any city (eventually hideout, depending on where it is and for how much/how long you want me to do it), so you will have to buy and transport the raw materials to wherever you want me to refine/craft them.

      As a reference, for now, I'm willing to spend my daily 10.000 focus for 1m silver, crafting or refining anything you want, either flat or .3.

      In case you are interested, message me

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