Regarding Casinos / Gambling / Games of Chance [Updated May 05]

    • Bogul wrote:

      Talion wrote:

      ... and you cannot pay in-game currency/items/etc for real world stuff. This covers goods and services.
      • Giving a guild member 1 million silver for his time to deliver food to a hideout? Absolutely fine.
      • Giving a guild member a subsidiary payment to fund his premium through Silver for spending 80% of his "game-time" recruiting members to the guild and talking to people on Discord? Fine
      • Giving a guild member 1 million silver for his time spent making and managing the guild discord? Fine
      • Giving a guild member 1 million silver for his time spent making the guild logo that is used on a website that has ads enabled? Fine
      • Giving a random Albion player 1 million silver to create / host a market / killboard bot for you? (or hidden through a kickback %) Problematic. It's a random player and not a guild member. And you pay him for creating/hosting a bot, that is essentially a "coding job" which is a very clearly a real world service that is usually payable. It would be okay if it was a normal guild member.
      • Giving a random Albion player 1 million silver to make an overlay for your twitch channel that you play Albion on? Problematic as Twitch overlay creation is often sold as a commercial service for real money and the person doing the work is not a friend or guild mate.
      Mind clarifying these usecases?

      These are good questions and they also outline what problematic "fringe cases" can actually look like.

      See the comments in red above.

      Note that none of your examples above is what we'd call a "clear violation". A key reason why we have to look at these fringe cases carefully - and with caution - is that we are concerned about someone trying to use any of those as a loophole in order to set up something that very clearly goes against the spirit and intention of the no RMT rule.
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      As an addition to the general statements:

      The operation of Amphoras, formerly AlbionCasino, is explicitly prohibited in any and all forms, as they are, among other things, found in continued violation of clauses 4.5.1 and 13.2 of our Terms and Conditions.

      In particular, the site encourages users to deposit siphoned energy in their third party wallet. Also, it’s actively and aggressively being promoted through a special sign up bonus.

      Finally, we have also discovered that a faked customer service screenshot is being distributed on their Discord that incorrectly states that we had allowed their services. This is not the case.

      The organizers are still allowed and encouraged to pay back what people paid into the service, however are expressly forbidden to take new pay-ins and to continue operation.

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