Dreading Mounts

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    • Dreading Mounts

      The breading of Pups make no sense because of the system and how focus works with premium and the breading of Pups.
      for example:
      If you bread Direwolf Pups it uses focus for the daily nurture bonus of 6% ever 24 hours.
      The grow time on a Direwolf Pup is 7D 20H without premium.
      Which give you a 42%-48% Offspring yield.
      With premium the Offspring yield gets cut by 100% which gives you 18%-24% Offspring yield.
      But with out premium you don't get focus which you need in order to use for the daily nurture bonus.
      The Direwolf Pups cost 580k and then 20 T6 leather which is needed cost 3900 per which works out to 78k so that is 658k total silver at the moment in lymhurst market.
      The mount sells for 494k which is a loss of 164k if you have premium on your character with the island the Pups are growing on if you don't get a Pup.
      So my suggestion is to double the offspring yield on character with premium so you still get a 42%-48% Offspring yield and to remove the bonus completely on characters without premium.