The /Help Chat

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    • The /Help Chat

      What is the Help Chat?

      • It is the Global Chat Channel for all players with game-related questions. All languages are welcome in this channel.
      How can you access it?
      • Type /h in the chat window to ask a question.
      • Create a separate Help chat tab (preferred).
      How do you create a new chat tab?

      1. Click on the arrow in your chat window.

      2. It will show the General Chat Settings. Click on the plus sign (+) beside New tab

      3. Type the name of the chat tab, in this case it's Help Chat. Click OK to create it.

      4. Once the Chat tab is created, select the visible channels. Make sure Help /h is selected, you can add more visible channels if you prefer (like Whisper /w for example).

      5. Here's how it should look like when you're done creating the Help chat tab. Congratulations!

      Who answers questions in the Help Chat?
      • Veteran and helpful players can answer your questions. Chat moderators also frequently drop by to answer questions.
      What questions can I ask in the /Help chat?
      Can I ask questions about my account here?
      Where can I find Chestnut Trees?
      • Please ask in the Help Chat :)