An Ode to Thee, my Friend.

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    • An Ode to Thee, my Friend.

      How is it, through no fault of thine or mine, that we come to a state of such sadness. When I awoke to my days toil, no fortune foretold could have been so bleak as this. To have snuffed out the light of your innocent existence, and at so young an age. Cruel fate's master, at work in this deed. That in my ignorance, I mistook you for my young-ling calf, and through some insanity, I know not how or why, I lashed out at you. Striking you as if a manged and feral beast. A single blow. Not much. But, still too much... and nothing more need be said between us.

      Who is cruel fate's master, you ask. It is you! YOU SBI!

      So heed this tale of dark misfortune, and allow my bunny brethren to hop and sleep safely, among the gentle rocks and trees.
      Discord: Piddle#7413 "The purpose of existence is simple: everything is fuel for the magmaw." —Jaji, magmaw worshipper