Experiencing lag when a mob dies or in town

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    • Experiencing lag when a mob dies or in town


      I've been experiencing lag whenever a mob dies, or a player dies in Arena. It seems like it also happens when there is a lot of spells / aoe on the screen, or when I'm in town and there are a lot of people. The game freezes for like a quarter or half second when experiencing lag.

      I have the game on low settings.
      Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20 GHz
      RAM - 16 GB
      I have 75 Mpbs download and 85Mpbs upload.
      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 18362)
      BIOS: 5.H0

      I have updated drivers.
      I'm not streaming.

      I have about 60 ping in town. FPS is about 26-65 in town. 20-37 ms. The FPS drops to ~26 and ~35 ms spike when it lags. Ping sometimes spikes to 100.

      Can anyone please help me with this problem? I want to try to play more competitively.

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    • Hmm...

      Your system, including graphics card, are fine and should be able to run the game on low.

      Freezes, like the ones you describe, can be caused when the system experiences a momentary bottleneck.

      The performance tab is good, however at the bottom of the performance tab is a button for 'Resource Monitor'. Click that, it will give you more detailed information that the performance tab will. Have that running and see if you can make the game have the hiccup. It should reflected on the graphs / performance percentages.

      Your hard drives, are they HDD or SSD? Spinning platters or solid state? A failing HDD drive can also make these hiccups.
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    • I think I have the same problem -- game stutters and freezes commonly but very obviously and most commonly when mobs die or are loaded into the client specifically I think. It especially freezes/stutters up much harder when large groups of mobs such as those groups of rats or bats in dungeons die all at the same time. Freezes/stutters also happen with player interactions but to a lesser extent. I looked at the performance monitor in Windows on my second monitor while playing and it seems to be memory hard faults that coincide directly with the stutters/freezes. My ram usage was 40-50% at this time so it can't be because it ran out. While other programs I use and games I play also seem to suffer from hard faults, it's not noticeable and only during initial loading screens, and once they're loaded into the ram then there are no such problems affecting gameplay or otherwise. My media player gets hard faults when opening files but otherwise the videos play 100% smoothly without lag. I tried using different solid state drives and stuff but to no avail. Any ideas beyond getting new motherboard/cpu/ram? Would kind of suck to have to basically build a whole new system for a f2p game lol... I might try using a ramdisk but I only have 16GB so it would not be a very convenient option for me.

    • update:

      i tried the ramdisk but no improvement. Hard faults and game stutters still happened in all the same places (mobs dying etc). After this I added more page file to another ssd, but no improvement. Later I used RamMap to clear the standby memory as I only had ~20 or so 'free' which resulted in a marked reduction in hard faults, but the stutters were still happening in all the same places. So maybe not hard faults causing stutters and just a coincidence? Maybe stutters causing hard faults? Either way, it's still busted. Running out of ideas here other than building a new computer or reformatting.