The duel scam but in an exploitative way

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    • The duel scam but in an exploitative way

      So basically while you are walking, someone duels you for god knows how much silver you have, then obviously because you're moving you're either holding right or left click thus causing you to press accept duel and because you are moving around you walk out of the duel circle which causes you to lose the duel and that way you get scammed in an exploitative way, while some people could argue that leaving auto deny helps which it does, but if that's the only solution then maybe this should be enabled automatically but its also gonna kill dueling which makes "checking auto deny" to avoid the unavoidable not fair.

      In conclusion this is definitely an exploit because you really can't avoid it and the only solution is to make it when you're running you can't duel or you need to be close to the player to duel, like trading.

      I hope you guys see the bright side of making a change like that. That being said have a wonderful day :)
    • Tabor wrote:

      This makes no you do not HAVE to accept duel just because your moving and you also do not HAVE to leave the duel circle and remain out of it for the duration of the countdown. What the hell are you talking about?
      This definitely never happened to you, of course its not gonna make sense to you, i am gonna explain it in simple words i was running with my horse all of the sudden a duel with x amount of silver pops the moment i hold my mouse to move somewhere therefore causing me to click it and since i was already at the edge of the duel circle i left it, also there's no such thing as count down when u leave the duel circle, that's only after u start dueling the player.
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      I can avoid it entirely by pressing Num Lock.
      So u never press your mouse to move to a specific direction? i am gonna try that but honestly they should make it when someone tries to duel you while running it should auto deny like trading, it really makes sense if they change it to that, i tried to contact a support and they even agreed to my point but they have no power to change such thing, i just hope they make a change somewhat similar to that somewhere in the future :/