Season 8 Wrapup

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      Guild Season 8 saw major changes to guild warfare in Albion Online, as well as a massive change to the land of Albion itself in the form of a whole new Outlands continent. The interplay of these new regions and systems presented both challenges and handholding opportunities for guilds of all sizes and opened up the playing field for a new champion to take the crown. Congratulations to Sex with Ex (f.k.a. Made in Br) for emerging victorious among a highly competitive field of challengers after being boosted by BA, Conflict, Agresor, Black Order, June, etc. as SQUAD leadership decided it was 'their turn' for Season 8 and claiming their first-ever season victory!

      By mid-March, Agresor had broken into the top three, on their eventual way to edging out Black Order for second place overall. The final ranking was cemented after the Territory Reset on March 28, despite SkuzKabel attempting to steal first place from his own allies by paying GvGer's to do Level 8 and 9 Crystal league matches for Agresor. This attempt failed, because he is a cuck and a snake, scamming his own guild by disbanding Agresor, stealing most of the guild's wealth and joining Blue Army a last-minute push by Agresor to take first place by winning the final Level 8 and 9 Crystal League matches with hand-picked 5-man teams. Ultimately, the final Crystal League showdowns, did not have any impact on the top 3, but Final Order was able to join the Crystal Ranks despite not having backing from any major coalition, jumping from 8th to 4th place with dominant Level 9 Crystal League win (Cargera is still the meta). while thrilling (and lucrative for the participants), weren't enough to upend the final rankings.

      The interview with Artista is worth a listen. Shozen and Bogul don't seem to really grasp the concept of SQUAD's handholding coalition asking questions like "What happens if Black Order pushes for 1st" around 28 minutes. First Artista thinks they're asking about Final Order because the question itself makes no sense when you consider that Black Order is part of the coalition boosting SwE to first place. Once Bogul clarifies the question, Artista's response is "I love Shiro" and "I don't want to be fighting Shiro"

      Even Shozen, clueless as he normally is, realizes by the end of the interview that "there's nothing at really stake anymore at the top of the charts here, 1-5 is pretty secure I believe" because of all the handholding going on.
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