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      Its good to see. The long forgotten glaive gets some love and they seem to be aware of the overall situation with spears right now.
      I dont think NDA notes will fundamentally change anything about spears, except for a support bruiser kind of playstyle with glaive in 5v5s. But its a good start.
      They really should think about the second Q ability tho and also revert some of the nerf on Inner Focus which simply obliterated spears from the world of Albion, considering the statistics from Gisenkos post.

      I just want to quote myself, because i think this was quite an accurate estimation 2 month ago and SBI seems to forget about spears and doesnt adjust further.
      Right now we rarely see the glaive in competitive 5v5 as a support dps. But besides that spear has no spot right now. I just wanna say it's no shame to revert some of the nerfes you did @SBI. Comparted to other melee weapons like daggers and swords there is just no chance to keep up in damage and mobility as spear, which is also because spear is the most mana intense melee weapon.

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    • I do think the power drain on Spirit Spear absolutely needs to be adjusted. One of my biggest pet peeves with spears is this. I don't really even understand the need for this massive drain on power when you achieve full stacks and use the skill again. Lunging Strike is a pretty power neutral skill that never really drains your power much and every other stacking weapon like sword or dagger their Q's aren't really that power intensive, but Spirit Spear will absolutely shred your power if you're trying to maintain stacks even if you're being pretty conservative with your usage.
    • Also if i play a classic glaive bruiser build with soldier armor, lunging stirke on Q and impaler on W I will be out of mana after 2 spell roations. The high mana costs just dont allow you to do damage. In openworld manaproblems were compensated with sustainbuilds like cultist robe and scholar sandals. But according to the latest NDA cultist robe gets a huge nerf too, which also makes spear suffer. indirectly.

      Oh and lets not even start talking about ZvZ, where spear is the only weapon in the game that is not viable.....
      Really sucks to have speccs in spear in 2020 :D

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    • The Spirit Spear Charge should get something new to it that can be dynamic to zvz as well. Could have another spear charge that does something different.

      One idea comes to mind, Spear charge- increases auto damage AND it always lowers Spear cooldowns or all spells by X seconds (minimum like .5)per auto attack hit. I figure they can mess with damage later since spells can be triggered quickly with this new addition.

      I do agree with that energy cost on spells can be punishing.