quarter staff/badon combo

    • quarter staff/badon combo

      I play hellgates oftenly and ago 2 weeks i've found a lot of times this combo (quarterstaff/dps) the problem is that with all the spells of the staff you can easely stun anyone for 6 seconds and after that, 1 stun all 2 seconds, imagine now with a demon helmet that silence 5 to more than 7 seconds! (really?) now we can't 2v2 without cleric cowl? this is the only item of the game that counter this. if the quarterstaff guys see an reflect or anything like that, he will just stop stun and continue after.

      and now for the badon i just want say that after quiting the zone of the E badon storm, we continue to take dammages and be interupted, ok, cool mechanic, but i think that it should last less time because after quiting the zone of the badon E, having 200 hp and can't heal your self or a friend? or even use an hunter hood?isn't really "funny". I really think that i'm not the only one that doesn't like to get killed without any possibility of survive so care about this please.

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    • I am 2hg - balanced combo - I am totally okay with quarterstaff / dd build.

      If you don't understand that u have to use cleric cowl at start and nothing else till u see what u play, get out of combat and swap to final build, switching away from cleric to - whatever u need: sword: bow scholar, axe,fire,curse, lc: guardian helmet bow: mage robe, melee / lifetouch fear robe

      Or unless bow - Ava robe to fix them all..

      Adapt to swap gear meta or accept to be countered 7x24

      The issue in all this is not badon quarterstaff, the issue is a generic design issue in hg. Quarter , windwall, regen, heal, gives 1shot unlimited trys. If u unlucky their 26. Windwall stun healpot reset will kill u..

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