Arena, no more played & fair enough ?

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    • Arena, no more played & fair enough ?

      Hi guys !

      This time i'm slacking a lot in arena, with a lot of different stuff & when you're Alone, you're waiting a shit lot of time if you don't have a heal, even if you're two or three, and sometime you have to requeue it to "refresh" cuz it's a little bit bug i think.
      And about IP cap ? It's really BS i think cuz sometime you see PPL in full team of 8.3 MP with a gape of IP between you & them, it dosen't scale, it happens all the time and it's cancerous...

      I don't know if a lot of ppl around here play Arena, but i think it still need a rework of it's whole system & some new reward to attract more player to play them.

      Cya !
      (& Sorry for my bad english)
    • The queue times do suck.
      i believe promoting more healers to play arenas would speed them up , if any additional rewards should be given it should be to healers, but a whole rework isnt necessary nor further rewards for dps/tanks.

      The IP isnt such a problem either, it isnt a huge advantage and its limited, like your photo shows, to 3 'grouped' players in the 1-3 queue.
      I think its a good learning curve, as a player looking to experience pvp in a safe instance can do so and face 'real world' environments by facing organised teams and higher tier opponents.
      If the IP was flat 800 for all or restricted even further id ask for 5 man groups to be added to 1-3 queues again. bringing the 1-3 and the 5 man group queues together would also reduce queue times.

      I would say given the other groups composition vs your groups, even if you all had 800 IP you would have still lost, you may have managed some kills tho.
    • Can they not just do what some other games do and remove all personal item stats and provide a base? I.E all gear is worth 4.1 or something.
      At the moment, the game feels like its decided by your healers IP. And the queue times are crazy long...

      I'd assume a fixed IP for all Arena players would shorten queues and allow people to try random weps, although there will be some clear OP builds but still.