improving building with low durability spends more stone blocks

    • improving building with low durability spends more stone blocks

      Today I had a problem when upgrading a building from t7 to t8 inside the alliance's hiding place: the building was 10% durable (and therefore inoperative), and the system ALLOWS two options: improve the building OR repair it

      What I thought: if there are both options and in the improve option message box THERE IS NO MENTION that the building goes to the next tier with the previous durability (in this case 10%) ... then it should come with 50 or 100% durability (50% to be "fair", as it would still need to be repaired with another 120 t8 blocks, which has a monetary value similar to the 243 t7 blocks that the building asks to be repaired ... or else the 100% of durability as a form of "incentive" for people to upgrade the building, spending more silver / high tier resources, making the economy spin)

      What happened: I paid 300 t8 stones to improve the building and to my surprise it CONTINUES with 10% durability, this time requiring 243 t8 blocks to repair it, totaling 543 t8 blocks to be operational with 100% durability, note that if we did the operation (repair t7 + improve t8), we would spend the same 543 blocks, but it would be 243 t7 (cheaper) + 300 t8, which is what is expected from the system

      My reaction ... as I no longer had 243 blocks to invest in building repair, I made the operation to lower the building (which returned 27 t8 blocks) to then repair it with 243 t7 blocks, I have everything recorded on video (improve for t8, downgrade to t7, repair t7) if you need video evidence - links below

      The problem is precisely the user interface that has NO MENTION that when improving the building with low durability, we will result in a higher tier building with low durability ... the game interface should not even allow to improve the building to be later repaired , as I explained, I would spend 543 t8 blocks in this operation (improve + repair), against 243 t7 + 300 t8 in the operation (repair + improve), in parallel to this we have the equipment upgrade via rune / soul / relic enchantment in building artifact merger: the system simply DOES NOT ALLOW an item to be upgraded without first having it repaired, the same should happen in buildings

      I made a chart (is attached) showing the different enhancement interactions to have the t8 building with 100% durability under the conditions described, in which option 1 (repair + improvement) would be "normal cost", option 2 (improvement) + repair) shouldn't even exist, as it ends up spending more resources than the "normal cost" option, and option 3 (improve + lower + repair + future improve) would spend exactly the same amount of t7 stones as option 1 with the worsening to spend more t8 stones (amount similar to option 2), but with the advantage of the player not having to upgrade to t8 or if he does, it will be in the future (that is, the expenditure will not be immediate)

      The hideout in question belongs to the OxoTHuKu guild, located on the Battlebrae Meadow map, the building in question is the "T7 Hut of the Grandmaster's Hunter" ... I would like to know what can be done about this system problem allowing a building can be improved without having 100% durability (NOTE: there is no such problem in the equipment), I see 2 solution options + 1 "solution":

      solution 1 - return of 273 t8 stone blocks (I spent 300 and recovered 27 when demoting the building, leaving a negative balance of 273)

      solution 2 - automatic improvement of the building to t8, with the removal of the 27 t8 blocks that I have in the "resources" tab of the chest in the cache in question (since I already spent the stones that would be necessary in a situation where the system was not flawed and allow improvement of broken building - 10% durability;;; that was 243 t7 in repair + 300 t8 in improvement)

      "solution" 3 - saying that the fact that the system is flawed is my problem and I must deal with the losses of the flawed system (remembering that the system is only flawed when it comes to buildings, but in equipment enchantment this problem does not occur)

      Follow video link with evidence of what I'm talking about - they are in language portuguese (its my main language)

      - short video showing only the interaction (improvement + downgrade + repair)
      - long video where I show the interactions and explain my points of view


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