Additional ZvZ-Hideout Attack/Defense mechanic

    • Additional ZvZ-Hideout Attack/Defense mechanic

      Hello everybody, :)

      I have an idea to make hideout attack/defense operations more exciting, since you need a solid 6-8 minute period of hammering to lower a defence point of a hideout, after you know the attackers don't have enough time, you just stop fighting and flee from the battle, even though the attackers win, they don't get the satisfaction to hit the hideout because they simply don't have enough time,

      In order to prevent this and make every hideout defense more exciting I propose a new mechanic:

      -Overtime: Where in order to defend your hideout completly from the attack, when the timer hits 0 (when the 20 minute period is complete), there should be nobody hammering the hideout down.

      In other words if timer hits 0 and the hideout is still taking damage, it should go to overtime, and the attackers should be able to keep attacking, until the defenders complety stop them from attacking. (which means actually Winning the ZvZ battle/wiping the opponents on top of the hideout to stop them from hammering).

      I think this might create interesting moments instead of defenders just saying: "Oh, they don't have enough time, let's retreat".

      I would love to hear your feedback :)

      Thanks for reading,
      Kind regards
    • I feel HO destruction is already to easy as it is I would certainly not like to see another avenue to continue to make it harder to have one. These were advertised as a home for "all" guild sizes prior to Queen update and obviously that has not even close to held up. If you look around the BZ map an extremely small % of guilds in the game actually have a HO. This tells you the feature as is has failed they probably need to do the opposite of what yo are suggesting and make it less punishing to have/hold a HO in some fashion.