Upgrading Off hand items

    • Upgrading Off hand items


      I thought about upgrading off hand items adding and extra bonuses depending on the equipment in Albion Online. I will present some ideas about all items in offhand.

      Shield - 3% chance to block attack, 10% chance to block spell
      Caitiff Shield - Incoming melee damage has 10% chance to trigger shield bash which deals 200 physical damage to enemy
      Sarcophagus - 10% chance to block attack, 3% chance to block spell
      Facebreaker - You reflect 5% of incoming damage to attacker

      Torch - Your attacks have 10% chance to increase attack speed by 30% for 4 sec
      Mistcaller - 5% chance to decrease cooldown of all skills by 1 sec after casting spell or launching an attack
      Leering Cane - Your attacks have 8% chance to stun enemy for 0,5 sec
      Cryptcandle - 5% chance to increase damage of next spell by 40 after dealing damage

      Tome of Spells - Your spells have 10% chance to increase cast speed by 30% for 4 sec
      Eye of Secrets - Your spells or attacks have 5% chance to increase damage and healing by 20% for 5 sec and restore 20 energy to all allies in 5m radius
      Taproot - Incoming damage has 5% chance to trigger your life regeneration during battle for 5 sec
      Muisak - Your spells have 10% chance to not take energy during casting spell

      I await opinions and other ideas about the topic.
      Regards Sebr

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