Whispering bow is extremely weak, and it's an artifact

    • Rhodesia wrote:

      Whispering bow is almost never used, and compared to all other bows it under-performs. It's almost like it doesn't exist. reworking the entire bow is one option.
      Well let's say because normal and warbow are making ptsd on poor souls (which they don't know how to play around) their cognitive bias tells that every bow is broken and should be nerfed.

      Sadly we won't see any buff watsoever (suggested multiples times lots of stuff for the last couple of months) nothing is happening.

      -Whispering bow with scaling damage depending on ennemy missing health
      -Explosive shot on Q spell / Multishot on W
      -Removing AS steroid on normal bow but increasing normal attack damage
      -Making speed shot relevant by self cast not use on a target
      -Either increasing damage on every Q or reducing their CD (Q from bows among the lowest dps vs ranged and magic weapon by some margin)
      (If they rework damage and cd on Q they can reduce damage from ray of light / nerfing warbow damage)
      -Look into auto-attack standtime and reducing it (or making an adaptative standtime)

      Nothing happened. The only thing they changed recently on bow is the missile from auto-attack is faster (and i've tested they changed nothing or they made is a lil bit faster that you won't notice...).

      F for bows in general.
    • Before to begin, i must say why i desagree with any change that will increase the damage from whispering bow. Its normal atk has already big damage. If you increase the damage somehow, that weapon would be OP, not UP anymore. This is why is so complicated to buff something with dmg. For me, whispering bow is already balanced in damage.

      My proposal is to give mobility to the whispering bow.
      Theres already a topic in that forum where i say it:
      -Every undead arrow that hits your enemy will gave you one second of "undead hands bonus"(just a name to the bonus xD). That bonus doesnt accumulate, but it resets for every undead arrow that you shoot. Undead hands bonus: Allows you to move while shooting. Increase skill duration 8sec->10sec(but to decrease the damage per undead arrow to mate 8sec of skill with 10sec. 8sec must be equal as 10sec in damage). You will not gain the attack-while moving bonus when you do have any sprint bonus provided by your own boots-shoes-sandals. CD: 20sec.
      -You can stop the skill timer(the entire skill) pressing E again. Every second with the skill stoped, will make you lose 3% of energy.

      Some considerations:
      -You must hit your target one time to starting moving while attacking. You wont move while attacking before the arrow hits the target, because the bonus will only appear when you hit someone.
      -It can be combo with rapid shot, time corridor(occult Staff) and others. But it cant be combo with sprint by your own boots. That buff with soldier boots, for example, would turn you invincible. You still can use it. Only thing that will happen is that you wont be abble to gain the "undead hands bonus" until your movement speed from your boots ends.(Any blink shoes-sandals, royal shoes, assassin shoes, tenacity shoes) -> good combo.
      -The only thing that is confusing to me is: should you have 100% movement speed with the bonus? Or it should be decreased to 90, 80, 70%? Must be tested.
      -The stop timer skill is similar to the stop of the specter jacket. With the difference that you can turn on again and return the countdown where it stoped.
      -Bows are useless whithout its "E". One of the biggest problem of whispering bow is that is very easy to counter it(ice block, invisible, purge ...). If you can stop the countdown, you will not waste your E in that situations anymore.
      -You still can use your E before fight, and get some CD to use another E in a row(as the normal bow do) to be prepared for an purge, for example. But that strategy will cost you energy. The better use of the timer stop is in the middle of the fight, and for a couple of seconds.

      Differences between Normal Bow and Whispering bow:
      -First of all, is not because the weapon is an artifact weapon that it must be stronger than normal weapons. Artifact weapons only mean two things: It are harder to make, and it has more IP comparing with weapons of the same tier. Comparing weapons with same IP(Normal bow vs Whispering bow), both must be balanced.
      -Normal bow must be stronger in damage(as it is). But whispering bow should have the mobility thing(and of course, it can attack from afar, compared with normal bow. Its not a big difference, but is ok. Balance-> Hold that word).
      -Normal bow has the preparation before fight thing(you can use your E before fight, to use another in a row). Whispering bow should have the timer-stop thing.

      This is my buff to that bow. But, doesnt matter at all what will change. We just need a change, because it cant be keeped like that. I would be happy with any change.
      I have hope. They are "fixing" carrioncaler already. Carrioncaler was needing more attention in that moment. Next must be whispering bow, i hope xD. And please, its just an idea. Lets keep that discussion civilized.
      NOTE: Everything is under discussion. And the numbers presented are just estimates. Focus on the idea.

      I dont have english as my main language. So, be patient with any grammatical error, please (;