Remove Outlaw Debuff from Intimidating Aura

    • Remove Outlaw Debuff from Intimidating Aura

      Developers: You should remove the Outlaw debuff from Intimidating Aura on the Grizzly Bear transport mount. This mount's purpose is to help transport large amounts of goods, and usually the aura is used as a last ditch effort against gankers when the mount is low on health. Since most ppl will use this with 100% if you get then you're pretty much screwed. I don't understand why when you use this ability it flags you as outlaw preventing you from entering your own hideout. That doesn't make any sense at all since other defensive abilities like the CC immunity from Giant Horse and the leap from the Frost Ram doesn't have this happen when you use them. I don't even know why you can't get into your own HIdeout with Outlaw status either since it's a friendly structure. When you get outlaw status maybe make a system message appear with the buff so that you can better inform players about it.