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      KroDuK wrote:

      Lord Britain or british it's like renaissance or reborn (first is french-other is english) Garriot is the father of the Ultima aka Game director during the beta and he, later, became a EA employee (sold his project)
      To learn about UO release go watch SotA it was the same; but back in 90s poeple was not calling this pre release the beta was the release.. UO beta ended at Lost Land patch... for the players it became the official release: T2A aka Lost Land.. like 1 month after Lord Britain died during the beta

      But if u wanna be a bitch about the fact the pre release/BETA was the official release.. i can say 13 yrs and a half instead of 14 years and a half... at this point.. ur friend, Midgard, still a big idiot ;)

      You should also apply for Zenimax Online; they did the same in 2014: 1 years of "official release" when in fact it was a paid beta and the official release. for the actual player (not the wikipedia warrior or the studios employees) was One Tamriel in 2015.. the only difference in 97 we knew UO was a paid beta and not an official release -.-
      Pretty certain you have your facts muddled up

      Nah, ur just not able to understand my post cuz u can't understand the person I am.. so i ll highlight something for you in that post

      Barathorn wrote:

      I am not bitching, merely pointing out your facts are incorrect. Have a nice evening.

      earlier, i knew u would bitch more about the lord britain when u asked the question, so i said reborn (in caps) instead renaissance to give u a hint.. :/
      I won't tell you to have a nice evening, since im not a bitch.